In1991, American registered nutritionist (RD) Shaun Murphy and Chinese-American Ye Kangsong were close friends. They shared a common belief: to establish a comprehensive and scientific dietary supplement system that would become a trusted provider of dietary supplements, to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to provide more families with better health choices. So they co-founded Kang Long Group Corp., a Co-founding group in Los Angeles, USA. In the same year, K-Max, a brand of dietary supplements, was established, dedicated to the research and development of the world’s most cutting-edge health food, producing high-quality, efficient, and natural products, and creating an imported high-end brand of dietary nutritional supplements.

During the period 1991-1996, K-Max deeply cultivated the European and American markets, covering France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico and other places. After nearly 29 years of development, K-Max currently sells in more than 30 countries and regions, including Europe, Asia, the Americas and so on. It has a rich product line to meet the nutritional needs of white-collar workers, students, middle-aged and elderly and other groups.

Chinese-American Ye Kangsong has a heart for China. In order to make the Chinese people better restore health, maintain health and promote health, the Western mature “health management” method is brought to China. With the return of Hong Kong in 1997, K-Max officially entered the Chinese mainland market as the first import of China’s U.S. dietary supplement brand, starting a new journey of “all love for all families” .

K-Max provides families around the world with comprehensive, scientific and global high-quality meals, giving more families better health choices and a happy time with their families.